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Overview: CCROV is an underwater drone manufactured and sold by Shenzhen Vxfly Intelligent Information Technology (China). It is a square with a size of about 20cm in height and width, and a small size of about 16cm. The machine is equipped with four small screws horizontally and two vertically, so it is very easy to control.

Features: The first feature is that it can be equipped with a 4K camera and can travel 100m. It is just an intermediate model between Inspector 1 and PowerRay. It is also possible to stand still on the bottom of the sea (lake). The cable is floating. There is not much worry about getting caught in the bottom of the terrain. Be careful with the ship's screws. Suitable for shooting underwater creatures.

Control: This unit is controlled by the dedicated application "CRROV" using a dedicated controller equipped with an iPad mini or air. The control can be forward, reverse, left-right translation, left-right change, etc. When you take photos and videos, they are saved on this unit and can be downloaded via the client software for WIN or Mac. The Japanese manual is attached. Japanese and English manual and client software can be downloaded from the official site.

Carrying case: We send CCROV in a special suitcase. As with the travel suitcase, casters and handles are attached, making it easy to carry. The total weight is 24 kg.


This is an introductory video of CCROV.

They are the videos of start up and close of CCROV.

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