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Amulet that supports the heart that is likely to be crushed by pressure and stress

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

The amulet protects you from pressure and stress.

Amulets are generally sold at shrines. Outside of Japan, there are amulets, talismans, charms, etc. From ancient times, amulets have been said to have the power of warding off evil, improving luck, and blessing. In addition to the amulets sold at shrines, there are a wide variety of amulets such as minerals such as power stones and gems, creatures such as four-leaf clovers and scarabs, and handmade items such as thousand paper cranes and rakes. In Japan, most amulets wish to improve luck, such as money luck, love luck, work luck, prosperity of descendants, prosperity of business, and prayers for health. In Western Europe and the Arab region, amulets that control protection, protection, and amulets are also sold. The amulet with the Turkish eyeball motif is very famous.

Amulet using creatures

Rabit foot

 The four-leaf clover is well known as a lucky charm. When I was a kid, many people would have searched for a four-leaf clover in the fields and rivers once. Four-leaf clovers are rarely found, so if you find one, you'll be lucky. Rabbit's foot is also famous as a talisman in the United States and the United Kingdom. There are various theories about its origin. The theory that the rabbit was prolific and a symbol of vitality and fertility, the theory that it was used as a catalyst for magical rituals, and when it was believed that some of the bodies of villainous criminals would bring good luck. There is a theory that the foot can be used as a substitute. To be honest, I don't really understand the relationship between rabbits and magical rituals. Was it used because it was still a symbol of vitality? When using living things as amulets, it seems that they are often derived from their ecology and characteristics.

I don't see many amulets that overcome pressure and stress.

 Amulets such as money luck, love luck, work luck and study luck are sold at the shrine. Even if you don't buy an amulet, some people will visit you. However, amulets that can withstand pressure and stress are not sold. The shrine has been built for quite some time. Therefore, the anecdotes about shrines and gods are also based on the origin of the shrine when it was built. Money luck and love luck have always been what people want, but pressure and stress are concepts that were born in modern times. "Amulets that are resistant to pressure and stress" are usually not sold. However, there are many situations in modern society where pressure is applied, such as entrance exams, entrance exams, interviews, and presentations. At such times, I would like to rely on amulets. Pressure and stress can be relieved and emotional.

We have created a talisman to support you in situations of pressure and stress.

 Speaking of creatures that are resistant to pressure, they are deep-sea creatures. It lives well in the harsh environment of darkness and low temperature with high water pressure and almost no food. And the creature that lives on the deepest seabed in the world is Hirondellea gigas. It was a creature I was studying before, but the footage shot at that time showed the H. gigas swimming vigorously in the Mariana Trench, the deepest part of the world. H. gigas is the strongest organism that can withstand the strongest pressures in the world and survive in the stressful environment of low temperature, darkness and oligotrophic conditions. When it comes to pressure resistance and stress resistance, no one can beat it.

Recently, I had the opportunity to try to catch H. gigas. I didn't use advanced equipment like Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology, so I was worried whether I could catch it. However, we were blessed with good weather and succeeded in catching H. gigas in cooperation with several other companies. The H. gigas that I saw for the first time in a long time was still a big gammaridea. Fortunately, I was able to receive the shells of the individuals used in the research by other companies. I made a talisman using this shell. This amulet does not physiologically strengthen your mind, but it will surely support your mind. The shell of H. gigas is a product that is never available to the general public. It is a little expensive at $299 plus shipping fee, but if you feel that you are vulnerable to pressure, please take this opportunity to get it. It is a very rare amulet in Japan, even in the world. We are planning to sell 10 pieces this time. We accept orders by email ( Of course, we will ship this product to foreign country, if we can.

The details of the amulet

Captured Hirondellea gigas

The exoskeletons of Hirondellea gigas

The exoskeleton is embedded with resin.

Description about H. gigas

Vertical size of amulet

Horizontal size of amulet

All items included in the product

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