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Company Profile

Natural environment utilization and development LLC aims to harmonize nature and human being and to make the best use of its benefits.

​Our Purpose

We offer the pleasure of exploring and discovering the unspoiled nature. We observe beautiful nature and provide impression. We also watch the changing environment and provide hope for our future.


  • Underwater drone rental business.

  • Utilization of drones for environmental research and development of its tools.

  • Observation of natural environment using next-generation imaging equipment and provision of its picture and movie

  • Services and product development for regional development

Representative employee (biography)

Name:Hideki Kobayashi, Ph. D.

Career history:JAMSTEC (Researcher), Boston Univ. (Researcher), etc

Expert:Marine Biology, Microbiology, Molecular Biology

​Comment:I studied the amphipod which inhabit the Challenger ridge of the deepest part Mariana Trench in the world. The picture on the left is a plastic embedding sample of the Hirodellea gigas which was exhibited at the special exhibition “Deep-sea” held at the National Science Museum in 2013. I provided this sample. Please contact us if you are interested in producing such specimens.




Trade name






Natural environment utilization and development LLC

Hideki Kobayashi


3,000,000 yen

TRI bank Sagami

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