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King Quail-The smallest quail in the world.


Bobwhite quail​-A quail native to the United States.

Why don't you breed King Quail and Bobwhite quail?

・ We sell fertilized eggs.

・ Fertilized eggs hatch in 17 days for king quail and 23-24 days for bobwhite quail.

・ King quail is the smallest adult quail in the world, about 12-15 cm.

・ The bobwhite quail grows up to 20-25 cm and is nicknamed Bob white because of its bark.

・ Various colors are also available.

・ Currently, we do not sell living organisms because pets need to be sold face-to-face.

King quail and bobwhite quail do not need to be notified when breeding. Notification is required for Japanese quails and chickens.