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King Quail-The smallest quail in the world.


Bobwhite quail​-A quail native to the United States.

Why don't you breed King Quail and Bobwhite quail?

・ We sell fertilized eggs.

・ Fertilized eggs hatch in 17 days for king quail and 23-24 days for bobwhite quail.

・ King quail is the smallest adult quail in the world, about 12-15 cm.

・ The bobwhite quail grows up to 20-25 cm and is nicknamed Bob white because of its bark.

・ Various colors are also available.

・ Currently, we do not sell living organisms because pets need to be sold face-to-face.

King quail and bobwhite quail do not need to be notified when breeding. Notification is required for Japanese quails and chickens.

Newborn chicks do not have all the feathers. You need to heat it with a pet heater or a chick bulb. Warm up for about two weeks after birth.

An incubator is required when hatching King Quail and Bobwhite quail eggs. Please prepare separately.

King quail and bobwhite quail are often fond of people. If you grow it well, you can play with it.

Lifespan is 2 to 5 years.

We have prepared a manual for those who are trying to hatch King Quail and Bobwhite quail for the first time.

You can download it from here.


Why don't you make egg art with egg shells?

Please contact us

・ Those who wish to eat King Quail and Bobwhite quail eggs for food

・ Those who wish to have eggs for pet food

・ Those who cannot successfully hatch

・ Those who wish to have 100 or more eggs

Please contact us by email .

Precautions regarding the purchase of eggs

After confirming your order, we will send you a confirmation email. Please make payment within one week after ordering. After confirming payment, we will prepare the product. If payment cannot be confirmed within one week, it will be canceled.

We are receiving reports of hatching from our customers one after another.

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