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Inspector 1

Overview: Inspector 1 is an underwater drone manufactured and sold by SeaDrone (CA, USA). In addition to the 30 cm diameter cylindrical airframe, driven by a large screw, it is relatively immune to the effects of waves.

Features: The main feature is that the camera can move up and down. This is not possible with other models. Because it can move up and down, it is possible to take pictures of the seabed at low altitudes, take pictures from the water to the bottom of the sea, and even rest on the sea (lake) bottom. The cable is the thinnest of the three types and settles. The terrain at the bottom may catch it, but it is less likely to get caught in the ship's screws.

Control: Control of this unit is performed with the dedicated app "SeaDrone Control" using each iPad model. You can place your finger on the screen and control it back and forth and left and right. The top and bottom of the camera and the descent and rise of the main unit can also be done on this screen. The water depth and temperature are displayed, and when you take a photo or video, it is stored in the app "Photo". Please check official website of SeaDrone corp. for using Inspector 1.

Shipping Case: We ship Inspector 1 in two cases. The main body is stored in a cylindrical hard case (about 4 kg), and the cable reel and other accessories are stored in a ruck (about 9 kg).


This is an introductory video of Inspector 1.

They are videos of start up and close of Inspector 1.

They are videos of start up and close of Inspector 1.

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