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・ About underwater drone rental

1. Underwater drone model

There are three types of our underwater drones. Each model has a different shape and controller, but all models can shoot still images and videos. In addition, the uptime available for each is different. You need to be careful about that point.

Inspector 1 (SeaDrone)

Inspector 1 is a model operated by iPad. You can dive to a maximum depth of 100m. Since the cable is also 150m long, it is possible to observe the seabed offshore from the coast. The maximum speed is 2 knots. Video and still images can be shot in Full HD. The cylindrical body with a diameter of 30 cm and the large screw are relatively unaffected by waves and easy to control. It can operate for about 3 hours. It is the highest model among the existing small underwater drones.

PowerRay (PowerVision)
PowerRay is a joystick-operated aircraft. You can dive to a depth of 30m. The cable is also 30m, and it is an aircraft that you can easily enjoy near the shore or in a lake. In addition, this model can also be equipped with a fish finder (optional), so it will be useful when fishing.

Coming Soon!


Rental will start soon.

2. Rental fee

Short-time rental (all prices do not include tax)

・ Driving in the in-store pool

All models will be rented for 300 yen for 10 minutes. For those who want to touch a little. If you plan to use Manazuru Quay for the first time, you will be asked to learn basic operations at the pool (free of charge).

・ Driving at Manazuru Quay

You can actually drive an underwater drone on the quay of Manazuru and observe the sea and the seabed. Please test in the pool at the time of rental and select a model that is easy to use. For your safety, please observe the precautions when using it on the quay. Also, be sure to wear a life jacket (free rental).

Inspector 1

30 minutes 3,000 yen (up to 3 hours)
30 minutes 2,000 yen (up to 3 hours)
30 minutes 3,000 yen (up to 1 hour)

Option (500 yen for 30 minutes each)

Inspector 1 is available with a multi-person observation set with a 15-inch display.

PowerRay can use a fishfinder.


1. Keep the drone away from the moored ship.

2. Stay away from anglers.

3. Stop driving immediately if the fisherman warns you

4. Do not operate near the offshore set net.

5. Collect the drone as soon as the operating ship approaches.

long term rental

All models can be rented on a schedule of 2 nights 3 days or 3 nights 4 days. Please contact us for longer-term rental. In addition, if weekends are included in the rental period, an additional fee (+ 30% per Saturday and Sunday) will be incurred. Please use it for observation, surveys, and events of nearby seas, lakes, reservoirs, etc. at schools, research institutes, and companies. It is easy to operate and anyone can use it easily by reading the manual. If it is domestic, we will also send it by mail (shipping fee will be required separately).

Those who were used at Manazuru Quay

10% off rental fee for the same model

Inspector 1

3 days 30,000 yen 4 days 45,000 yen 3 days 10,000 yen 4 days 15,000 yen 3 days 20,000 yen 4 days 30,000 yen

Option (3,000 yen for 3 days, 4,500 yen for 4 days)

Inspector 1 is available with a multi-person observation set with a 15-inch display.

PowerRay can use a fishfinder.

An additional battery is available for CCROV.

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