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Easy one-day rental

This is a rental service for handing an underwater drone at the desired station from 9 am on the rental day in eastern Shizuoka Prefecture and the Kanto region. You can pay the rental fee on the same day.

For example,
"I would like to use it for recreation on Lake Ashinoko, but I hope it brings CCROV to Odawara Station by 9:00."
"I want to use PoweRay with a fish finder at Kanazawa Hakkei Station at 6:30 am because I want to use it for boat fishing in Kanazawa Hakkei."
We will respond to your request.

Use of service

Please contact us by e-mail or phone by the day before use date. I will answer the availability of rental.

We will deliver an underwater drone of your order on the day, at a designated time and place. For beginners, we will give a brief explanation of the operation. You can pay rental fee in this time.

After use, please send it to us from a convenience store or delivery company near you. Because it is a cash on delivery slip, you only need to request a delivery. We can also pick up an underwater drone at the place we handed over at the desired time.

We will check the rented aircraft. If there is no problem in particular, the return will be completed and we will notify you of the return completion. If you notice something or trouble during rental, please contact us.

Please e-mail or call us with requests, questions, suggestions, anything.

(From AM9:00 To PM6:00)
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