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Rental Fee



1 night 2day

2night 3day~

Inspector 1

28,000 yen

14,000 yen

25,000 yen 

38,000 yen

19,000 yen

35,000 yen

+10,000 yen/day

+ 5,000 yen/day

+10,000 yen/day

(Shipping fee included)

(Tax not included)

Inspector 1


Easy one day

20,000 yen

10,000 yen

20,000 yen

(Tax not included)

The rental period is up to 7 days. Please consult us for longer term rental.
The control of each underwater drone requires an iPad or an iPhone or iPod touch. Please consult if you do not have it.
The operation of the underwater drone is easy, and it is easy for anyone to read the manual. We also dispatch operators.

Option (3,000 yen each day)
Inspector 1 is available with a multi-person observation set. We also offer a mobile 15-inch display (5,000 yen a day).
PowerRay can use a fish finder.
CCROV has extra battery available.


Multi-person observation kit
You can mirror the underwater drone image to other displays as it is. If you connect to a large external display with an HDMI cable, you can open a small observation session. With mobile displays, multi-person observation is possible even in locations where power can not be secured.

About dispatch of operators

In cases where there is only one day of use and no time to master, etc., we will also dispatch operators (pilots). It is 30,000 yen (tax not included) a day. There is a separate transportation fee, and accommodation fee will be charged if accommodation is required.

Discount program

When used in elementary and junior high school classes and extracurricular activities, 30% of the total amount (excluding tax) is discounted.
The use of universities, local public bodies and non-profit organizations is discounted by 20% of the total amount (excluding tax).
We're looking forward to servicing you.

Use of Service

Please make a request for rental from the application form 2 days before use. We will answer the availability of use.

We will send you a quote by email. After confirming the contents, please make a payment. At the same time, please send me a copy of your ID card (driver's license, passport, address etc.) or digital photo.

We will send you a drone by morning arrival the day before the rental starts. In the case of return on the day, please return the completed slip on the day. Please send it back on the last day after 2 days. Please let us know if you have the preferred shipping company.

We check the rental machine. If there is no problem in particular, the return will be completed and we will notify you of the return completion. If you notice something or trouble during rental, please contact us.

We ship drone from Manazuru-cho, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa Prefecture.




Schedule (day)

1 day

2 days

3 days ~

:usage period

About cancellation
There is no cancellation fee for cancellations made 3 days prior to the usage start date. Two days ago, 30% of the total amount, 70% before sending the day before, 100% cancellation fee after sending and after the day.

Please e-mail or call us with requests, questions, suggestions, anything.

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