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Overview: PowerRay is an underwater drone manufactured and sold by PowerVision (China). It is a beat board style of about 45 cm in length and about 12 cm in height. It is possible to operate from a shallow water depth coast.

Features: The best feature is that you can attach a fish finder. This is not available on other models. Suitable for shooting fishing and fish. In addition, VR goggles are included, making it ideal for sea and lake entertainment. It can not be stopped underwater. The cable is floating. Be careful with the screw of the ship.

Control: Control of PowerRay is performed with dedicated app "Vision +" using each iPhone model. Display the image on the iPhone and control it with a dedicated joystick. Control is possible only with the iPhone. If you wear the supplied VR goggles, you can operate with the movement of the face, so you can also have a virtual experience of swimming in the water.


Shipping Case: We ship PowerRay in a special suitcase. As with the travel suitcase, casters and handles are attached, making it easy to carry. The total weight is 12 kg.


This is an introductory video of PowerRay.

They are videos of start up and close of PowerRay.

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