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King quail eggs (for hatching).

Eggs were collected from a pair of king quail.

We have confirmed mating, but there is no guarantee that fertilized eggs will be born.

Therefore, some eggs do not hatch.

In addition, depending on the hatching conditions and the situation of egg turning, it may not hatch.

Even with a white x white pair, black chicks may be born, although the frequency is low.

There are three types of white x black pairs: white, black, and mottled patterns.

White, silver, and black are born in the silver x silver pair. The ratio of each is unknown.

The average x average pair produces brown chicks, but occasionally other colors. It will be a king quail with a pattern that seems to be a bird of the Phasianidae family.

5 eggs for hatching king quail

PriceFrom ¥650
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  • Eggs for hatching differ in post-collection processing and storage methods. Never make it edible.

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